Top 5 Time-Management Tips from a Pro

Top 5 Time Management Tips

If you were given an extra hour each day to do something you loved, what would you spend your time doing?

Perhaps you would finally start that personal project you’ve been meaning to get to or carve out extra time to spend with your family. No matter your choice, there’s no arguing that one extra hour a day to do something you loved would lead you to feeling happier and more complete with your life.

While most Americans feel they don’t have enough time to pursue a passion, I don’t believe it. My belief is that we all have enough time in the day, we just need to use each hour wisely.

Here’s the secret to a better work-life’s found in better planning.

As a busy entrepreneur and mother of three, I can honestly say that the only way to create more time for ourselves is through planning. With planning & prioritizing there is enough time in each day to accomplish our most important tasks.

My Top 5 Time-Management Tips

TIP #1 - Start with a Plan

Effective time management begins with never starting your day without a goal or plan in mind. When we plan our days in advance we assure ourselves that if we accomplish the listed tasks the day will be a success.

DO THIS - Before ending each day take five minutes to write down the top three things you could accomplish to make tomorrow a great day. Don't forget personal goals and events. Doing something for yourself each day is important too. When you wake up the next morning stick to the list.

TIP #2 -Take a Break

Don’t burn yourself out, take a break! Studies have proven that taking breaks from our work during the day increases both productivity and creativity. In fact, the quickest way to suffer from burnout and stress is to work without any type of break period. Having effective time management skills means being effective!

DO THIS - Take small mental breaks (as small as thirty-seconds) throughout the day. Not only will your productivity increase, but your overall performance will to.    

TIP #3 - Follow your Schedule

You are more likely to get all the work  you want done in a day if you stick to a pre-set schedule.

DO THIS - Allocate yourself time to complete each day’s tasks. When working stick to your schedule. Once that time has passed, either wrap up that activity quickly or reschedule it for another day. Problems occur when we ignore our schedule and give ourselves “just a few more minutes” on a project.  

TIP #4 -Tackle the Your Big Projects First

According to research we are most productive first thing in the morning so use this to your advantage!

DO THIS - Tackle the hardest/biggest project you have first thing in the morning when you are refreshed and work the quickest.

TIP #5 - Avoid Time Wasters

A man who dares waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of life." - Charles DarwinIf there are millions of gadgets on the market designed to save us time, then why do so many Americans find themselves working more and spending less time with family?

The answer is simple, most technology on the market are time wasters. When it comes to scheduling, the old school method of just using a pen and paper are superior when compared to our time management gadgets.

DO THIS - Before planning your schedule, consider the items that cause you to waste time during the day. Such time wasters include email, which the average American spends 13 hours a week checking! Placing a specific time during the day to tackle these unimportant tasks, you'll find yourself more productive and focused on the larger tasks throughout the day.

Best Wishes & Happy Planning!

Rebecca Rescate
Rebecca Rescate


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