Pretty Planning - Is It Planning?

Recently, I conducted a video interview where the subject of decorative planning, also known as “pretty planning,” was brought up.

My initial reaction, that planning and pretty planning should not be considered one, evoked an “ah-ha moment” for some while others warned me it was a subject in which I risked alienating a whole community. 

Regardless of the side of the fence you are on, what is most important is that it got people talking about planning.

Before we dive into the subject of "pretty planning" on our blog, let’s define the two concepts separately:

Webster’s Dictionary states:

Planning is “the act or process of making a plan to achieve or do something.

Decorating is “to make something more attractive usually by putting something on it.

What Do You Think?

Using these definitions alone, what do you think? Should decorating a planner or pretty planning be considered planning? We want to hear from you! Send us your comments and feedback below. 

Rebecca Rescate
Rebecca Rescate


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November 28, 2015

I also went to Youtube to find some nuggets about planning that might be worthwhile to me. Video after video was about the fancy stamps and stickers and where they got them and how/when to use them. I never understood the logic in that because there was very little room to write anything else. I am very practical and result oriented and need something that is much more functional than pretty. Although, I do have some small stickers that say ‘Dentist’, "School’, etc. that do save me writing things down. But, anything more than that would only serve as a distraction and use up valuable space in my planner. I’m sure stickers are nice, but not in my planner.


October 17, 2015

When I watched your interview and heard you say that, I think I audibly said, “Amen!” I actually do use stickers and stamps in my planner, but it’s because I’m so visual that, for example, I can process a photo sticker of my pet as a reminder that he/she has an appointment on any given day when I’m looking at my monthly snapshot faster than I can read, “4:30 Faith to veterinary ophthalmologist”. However, I find YouTube frustrating because I will see a video titled “plan with me” and I’ll think, “Great! Insight into how others narrow down their priorities for the week and figure out what they can do when.” Then, I go to watch the video and it’s mostly or entirely all about color schemes, themes, choosing stickers, etc. That’s fine if people want to do that, I just wish they would title their videos “DECORATE my planner with me” or “SCRAPBOOK in my planner with me” rather than “PLAN with me.” I guess I better duck now and prepare to catch flack along with you. :)

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