Our Story

"I may be average but what will happen in my life will definitely not be."
- Rebecca Rescate, Top·Down Planner Founder

Most of my dreams and goals have come true. And despite what my mother says it was not because I am more skilled than others. I am an average person, of average intelligence who did average in school. But I did one thing different than my counterparts. I planned ahead. 

Rebecca Rescate and family
Nature or nurture, I am not sure, but from a young age I understood achieving goals had a formula:

At Age 7: Intramural soccer has ugly shirts and travel soccer has nice shirts = practice more, get a nicer shirt. 
At Age 13: The university I wanted to attend on the size scholarship I wanted  = swim your a** off now.
At Age 22: Three million graduates + tough job market = no one is handing me a job, I have to earn it.
At Age 30: Three children + I am the primary caregiver = no way I am going back to 9-5, make this work. 

When your skills are average but what you want is not, you have to figure out a way to make magic happen. And I believe it is as simple as knowing what you want and having a plan to make it happen. 

what we want from life is as unique as each of us

So following someone else's dreams will not lead to happiness. Happiness comes when we fill in our life goals for ourselves. And in 2014 I realized no planner was helping any of us fill in those blanks. 

I set out to change that. I created Top·Down Planner so we could all start living lives that would put our goals, our hopes and our dreams at the top of our priority lists. Or as I call it, live our lives Top·Down. 

If you are a stay-at-home mom that wants to finally lose that last bit of baby weight and make $1,000 a month on the side, that is awesome. Top·Down Planner will help you stay organized and not forget these goals while you suffer from baby-brain. 

If you are a Director at a Fortune 50 Company that wants to carve out 10 hours a week from your schedule for your kids while still finishing this years big project. Top·Down Planner can help you find those blocks of time in your schedule to dedicate to these goals.

Or, if you are college student still trying to figure out what you want out of life while finishing up classes I am glad you are here. Top·Down Planner will help you plan your future. 

I created Top·Down Planner to help people sit in the driver's seat of their lives. Top·Down Planner is organized different than any other planner on the market because our goal is to help you plan for success and happiness, not just fill up a schedule. 

I am so glad you found us. 

top-down (to p'doun') adj.
controlled, directed, or organized from the top from a large unit to smaller, detailed subunits.