What is Top·Down?

Top·Down is the ultimate planner, goal-setting tool and time-management coach wrapped up in one easy-to-use planner. Designed by serial entrepreneur, Rebecca Rescate, Top·Down's foundation is its unique 'top-down' approach. Putting you, your goals and your gratitude at the top of every day, week & month so you never lose focus on what you are working for.  

Top·Down Begins at the Beginning
The root of happiness resides in honoring our core values in life & work. This is why Top·Down planning begins with four planning pages that painlessly help you connect with yours. Whether you are traditional, private and philanthropic or fun, family-focused and adventurer, Top·Down will help you define once and for all who you really are. 


With Top·Down You Write Your Future
Having the life you want begins with knowing the life you wantWhere will you be living in 3 years? How many hours do you work? How will you spend your personal time? What goals have you reached? In one simple spread Top·Down bottles up your life goals so you can visualize your future. Reviewed as an "inspiring game-changing exercise" writing your future will be one of the most empowering activities you will do in your lifetime. 


Top·Down Helps You Stay Focused Every Month
Personal, work or family goals -  it does not matter. Top·Down helps busy individuals track and manage several goals in harmony with our 12 non-dated monthly planning pages.

Included on every monthly planning page are:

  • 5 Goal & Task Manager Columns
  • A Monthly Success & Gratitude Declaration Section
  • A Notes & Sketching Section
  • A Monthly Motivator Including a Planning Tip, Fun Fact & Inspiring Quote


Weekly Planning & Scheduling Has Never Been Easier
Top·Down helps you juggle everything from your work to workout. Scheduling has never been easier or more visual. And essential to every Top·Down planning page, your five goals sit front and center alongside a gratitude section. 

Included on every weekly planning page are:

  • 5 Goal & Task Manager Columns
  • A Weekly Success & Gratitude Declaration Section
  • Monday-Friday 6AM - 10PM Scheduler
  • Saturday-Sunday Scheduler


The Top·Down Toolkit
When we say 'all-in-one' we really mean it. In addition to 13 monthly planning pages and 52 weekly planning pages Top·Down includes:

  • 1 Success Planning Guide
  • 5 Goal Planning Pages
  • 5 Mind Maps & How-To Guide
  • Meeting Notes Pages & How-To Guide
  • Blank Check Lists
  • Gratitude Log
  • Lined & Blank Pages for Note Taking and Journaling
  • 2017, 2018 & 2019 Calendars
    and more!