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Rebecca finishes up with Part 2 on why it's great to start with a fresh new planner mid-year.


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Rebecca Rescate talks about switching to a new planner mid-yearTop·Down Planner Creator Rebecca Rescate dives into why it's great to start with a fresh new planner mid-year. 
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With the arrival of the new year it is a great time revisit our personal values. If you found yourself feeling overwhelmed or dissatisfied at any time this past year, it’s possible that feeling came from not upholding your personal values during day-to-day life. Read More
Are you wondering how to get the most use out of your Top•Down Planner? If so, you’re in luck, as this week on our Youtube channel and right here on our blog, we’ll be breaking down each section of the Top•Down Planner, and we'll be discussing how to get the most out of your planning methods so you can live a happier life. Read More
Since creating our Youtube channel a few weeks ago, we have truly had some wonderful feedback! One of our viewers this past week requested I share my top five favorite phone apps that make my life easier. Read More
Can I tell you a secret? If done incorrectly, goal planning can actually be a hindrance to your goals and your time rather than a benefit.

Sure, writing your goals down increases your chances by 80%, but wouldn’t you rather have your chances of success increase by a full 100%? Read More

I recently conducted a video interview where the subject of decorative planning, also known as “pretty planning,” was brought up. It left me pretty planning really planning or is it decorating?
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If you were given an extra hour each day to do something you loved, what would you spend your time doing? Our Founder Rebecca Rescate lists her top 5 Time Management Tips to help you carve out extra time for yourself.

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Did you know only 8% of people will achieve their New Year's resolutions? This month marks our mid-way point through the year. Review the top 3 New Years resolution planning tips of successful people to help you finish your year strong.
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Top·Down Planner Founder Rebecca Rescate on ABC's Hit Show Shark Tank

As I get ready to celebrate CitiKitty's 10-year anniversary in two days I am most excited about two things:

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