Creative Kids: Dry Erase Chore Chart Memo Board (Magnetic)

Our Dry Erase Everyday Chore Chart Memo Board is your ticket to helping your child feel like a contributing member of your home. Children as young as three can join in the fun and positive feelings are created from helping around the house.

Features Include:
  • Dry Erase Pen
  • Loop to Hold Pen
  • Magnetic Back
  • Thick Memo Board
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Measures 8.5" x 11" 
Our vivid and fun imagery helps children visualize their contribution to the family and feel excited and empowered for helping.

Chores include: making your bed, helping with laundry, sweeping the floor, helping to pack lunch, setting the table, keeping room tidy, putting dishes away and make-your-own chore.

Children can select from 1 to 8 Chores and color in a star for each day and each chore they complete during a 7-day week. They can also fill in their name and take ownership on how they are helping the family. When the week is done simply wipe off our memo board with a damp cloth and start over!

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